Hello spring, the time for digging is finally here! Still too wet out there? Do as I do, plow through the Internet watching for blogs and web sites about gardens, gardening, and other gardeners. That is the greatest time evaporator I have ever seen.

During my recent digging explorations I hit pay dirt: gold in the form of the web site Blotanical. I will never have to search for gardening friends on the Internet again.

What is a blotanical? It is the hottest new web site for gardeners! That said, you can probably guess that the name is a twist on the words: blog and botanical. Clever idea and creation of Stuart Robinson a talented young man in Australia who apparently does not sleep judging by all his activities.

Been snubbed by Open Directory Project? Go to Blotanical and be received most warmly by hundreds of friendly gardener blog writers. There is a lot to read and do there. Not sure how it works? The web site is rather new and being upgraded frequently, but any member will be happy to answer your questions and there is a good help button there if you need Stuart himself.

Here is the link to transport you there: Blotanical

Believe me, you are in for a real treat - no - a feast of beauty and friendship!