January 2007

Thank you for all your recent sweet, thoughtful messages. And, Holiday Greetings to all of you who celebrate at this time of year!

I have been away for a while enjoying our holidays, holiday travel, and a BIG Celebration! We celebrate Thanksgiving Day in November; Christmas in December; then right on its heels comes the New Year Celebration. Extra busy, this time of the year. And, as if that were not enough, on top of it all, when we were very young, we chose December 22 to be our wedding day!

We both were working; then when the holidays approached we realized we would have extra days off from our jobs. Being very much in love we decided to get married. That was 50 years ago. (Oh, yes, I was a child bride! don't you know.)

Our two sons and two daughters by birth, and our one daughter, and two sons by love decided they would give us a party. Now, you understand, these families do not live near one another. So a city was chosen that seemed to be the most centrally located, that being Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It was a good choice because Chattanooga has several interesting things to do for all ages. One favorite was the huge Tennessee Aquarium down near the Tennessee River.

The group spent two nights in the same hotel where much ado was put forth by the hotel staff, our "children", our six grandchildren, and family and friends who came from near and far. Needless to say, being together was the best fun.

From there we traveled to two more southern states visiting friends and family as we went. Holiday fun and warm greetings met us everywhere we went. Local son did most of the driving during the trip. Finally, we returned, tired, but happy; the pockets of our minds stuffed with good memories.

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