Bird Sightings A - F

(alphabetical, more or less)
1. Blue jay Below

2. Brown creeper
3. Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis ... I love that name!)

Cardinals: Male above Female to the Right
4. Catbird 5/5/90
5. Cedar Waxwing, Below

6. Chickadee (Carolina Chickadee)

Above: Chickadee
7. Cow bird: brown-headed cow bird 1/4/90
8. Crow
9. Dove: mourning dove
10. Ducks:
Feb. 21,'90: Two mallards flew through trees over the dell.
Apr. '92: A pair of mallards walked around with us awhile, checking out our yards.
May '92: They stayed around in the front yard a few days… in and out.


11. American Goldfinch: male sports a black cap.
12. House Finch
(Shown at right: male in red spring plumage)

13. Flicker: yellow-shafted flicker

14. Yellow-bellied flycatcher 9/26/90: Two were in the hackberry tree near the kitchen window.
15. Great Crested Flycatcher 6/24/91: Chased a smaller bird (house finch?) into the Vinca groundcover below electric meter on back of house.

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