Bird Sightings G - R

16. Geese: Jan. 22'90, 9 a.m.: Canada geese flew honking across the back yard past my bedroom window as I was waking. Noisy neighbors!
17. Gnatcatcher- bluegray gnatcatcher 4/16/94, 6:30 p.m.: Going through the bushy branches of hackberry tree at kitchen window.
18. Grackle

<<--- 19. Grosbeak - Rose-breasted Grosbeak, male, 5/3/91: This morning as I first entered the kitchen I spied a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak in hackberry tree near kitchen window, eating berries. Seconds later as I looked at him, he flew straight at me, banging hard into the window! I nearly jumped out of my skin and felt distraught that the first one I ever saw probably just killed itself on my window. However, the poor thing was able to fly away. What a way to start the day! For both of us.

May 2008: A female visited our tray feeder for a few days and enjoyed the black sunflower seeds. She was very striking and exotic in appearance. I immediately realized she was something unusual and reached for my bird book on the shelf. Finally, I narrowed down the possibilities and there she was: a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

20. Red-tailed Below

21. Cooper's (or Sharp Shinned) --->>
Checking out the squirrels' new nest in the blue spruce. 2/22/92

22. Heron: green heron, 4/14/94, in trees in dell, Husband/Best Friend saw it, too.
23. Indigo bunting 5/7/90

24. Junco: Slate-colored Junco

25. Golden crowned
26. Ruby crowned

27. Mockingbird Above
28. Nighthawks - flying above back yard and dell.

Nuthatches: To the Left and Right
29. White-bellied 1/3/91: Visiting Elder Son identified it for me;
it was on the old black locust tree near the kitchen, beside the little fish pool.
30. Red-bellied, 9/22/93, on trunk of hackberry tree by kitchen window.

31. Ovenbird 4/26/90 in tree at bathroom window.

32. Screech Owl ---->
33. Great Horned

34. Peewee: Eastern Wood Peewee kept returning to tip of metal pole at the island bed catching insects on the wing in-air.
Also, heard singing in the woods, 5/15/90.
35. Pine Siskin: drinking from pan.
36. Redstart: American redstart- female Sept. 2'90 on terrace in crabapple tree.
Again Sept. 1'94 in back yard swooping and flying about rapidly.
37. Red-wing Blackbird 5/6/91

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