Bird Sightings: S- W, Plus: Hummer

38. Chipping sparrow
39. Field sparrow - 4/24/07 near to Garden Door
40. House sparrow

<--41. Song sparrow
42. White throat sparrow
43. White crowned sparrow - 2/11/94 at squirrel feeder during an ice storm.
44. Fox sparrow - 4/7/94 scratching in azalea's mulch outside bathroom window.

45. Starling
46. Swift: chimney swifts: A family with four young ones sat in a row on the utility service line to the house.
47. Towhee 3/9/90: male in viburnum at kitchen sink window. Have heard their calls many times.
48. Brown thrasher
49. Robin
50. Hermit thrush 4/17/90, a pair outside my bedroom windows 8:30 a.m.
51. Gray cheeked thrush, a pair feeding under and in crabapple tree in front yard. 52. Wood thrush singing in dell.

53. Tufted Titmouse (below) at feeder and perched in tree.

54. Veery 4/11/96, moving about on the ground beneath the hackberry tree at kitchen window
55. Vireo: red-eyed vireo 5/5/93

56. Vulture: black vulture flew through the back yard three times. 4/12/94 I think it was looking for a place to nest, I've read they nest on rocky outcrops. Nothing interesting here, it moved on.

57. Black and white warbler 9/15/90: I was weeding E bed, looked up to rest and saw it in the old locust tree at property line.
58. Blackburnian warbler 5/6/96 in hackberry tree at kitchen window picking insects from every little twig, tree not leafed out yet.
59. Canada Warbler 5/27/93 Holly tree and viburnum at kitchen-sink window.
60. Cape may warbler - 4/30/90 in conifer beside bedroom
61. Kentucky warbler in viburnum at kitchen-sink window.
62. Magnolia warbler, 4/26/90 - two in hackberry tree near kitchen window - Again 5/4/92
63. Myrtle Warbler - immature female 11/2/91
64. Pine warbler 9/1/94 - in hackberry tree at kitchen window at 12: 45 p.m.
65. Wilson's warbler 5/21/93 - in holly at kitchen-sink window.
66. Yellow warbler 5/1/91
Woodpeckers (below left to right): Hairy and Red-bellied

67. Red bellied - clinging and eating from bell-shaped seed ball.
68. Downy
69. Hairy
70. Pileated 12/13/91 in the dell, noisy rascal.
71. Yellow-bellied sapsucker (immature) 11/4/91 mewed and hitched around to opposite side of old tree trunk it was examining for insects.

72. House wren
73. Carolina wren
74. Winter wren, outside my bedroom window. TINY! Moving like a mouse through the litter picking bugs off of things.

75. Humming Bird - Ruby Throated, both male and female (I know she's out of order, but she was left out of the list and remembered too late. Having better and much more fun things to do, I didn't want to go back and re-number that long list AGAIN! Ugh! This way she gets her own special note and attention. Such a cute little miracle.)

That's quite a few birds. Back then during the time I was counting we had many more mature trees in our yards. Some were close to the house, too close really, but that was where I saw many of the birds - mostly from my kitchen windows. The Most Important Tree, a hackberry tree near the kitchen windows, is mentioned eight times in the list. That double window looks into the back yard. The holly tree and viburnum shrub at the kitchen-sink double-window is mentioned more than once. It looks out to the front yard. Beyond the holly and shrub was a crabapple tree mentioned once or twice. Again, in the back, two different old locust trees are mentioned. All our locusts are black locusts. Below:Female Bobwhite Quail

Seventy-five species of birds and eleven of butterfly-types is not a stingy lot. I am grateful and enjoy them. But, oh! How I miss the meadowlarks, the Bobwhite quails, the Eastern bluebirds, the orioles (below)... the egrets and herons.

I observed aloud that with all those birds around, not once was there a pigeon; and pigeons are plentiful less than a mile from here. Husband/Best Friend answered, "If you want pigeons, you have to put up a statue." (Husband/Best Friend/Chief Photographer/Resident Comedian!!)

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