Feathered Friends
House Sparrows

Journaling About Birds:

November 9, 2005 - This morning I was in our local home-and-building-supply store, inside the store, not outdoors in the garden supply area. In the not too distant houseplants section, I could see a large flock of House Sparrows. Something was spilled on the floor and they were eating and flying about and perching up on the merchandise on the shelves, just chattering away and having a wonderful time.

I went back to the outdoor garden section to pay for my purchase and said to the man, "There's a flock of sparrows inside the store." He grinned and said, "Yes, they let themselves in. They have learned to open the door. They send a scout to fly in front of the motion detector, then when the door opens they all go inside." I said, "Well, they were eating something, I guess some seeds spilled. (I was thinking grass seeds.) He replied, "It's Bird seed! They peck holes in the bags and spill it, then when they are ready to leave, the scout goes and opens the door and they all fly out. They come and go at will."

I think I'll forget about the old adage "bird brained" for someone, or thing, who is not very smart!
(Photographs courtesy of morguefile.com)


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