Feathered Friends
Breakfast With a Hawk

Friday, September 01, 2006
This morning during breakfast I sat at my usual place facing the window. Suddenly I realized the light tan blob I was staring at over my coffee cup was a hawk sitting on the utility wires strung across the meadow and the bank down in the dell. I was staring at a hawk and hadn't even realized it. I focused. I'd never seen one sitting there before. Husband/Best Friend/Chief Photographer looked through the binoculars and pronounced: "It surely is." We studied its front, and then it obligingly turned around so we could study its back. Yes, a full sized, but immature young red-tail hawk was visiting.

According to our "bird book", red-tails often perch in trees at the edge of open areas watching for movement in the grass. He waited and waited, then suddenly down he went into the "meadow". Hmmmm, having breakfast with a young hawk.

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